Herpes Transmission: How did I Get Herpes?

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Herpes is a viral disease caused by herpes viruses, affecting the skin and nervous system. The herpes virus can be transmitted in various ways, such as direct skin-to-skin contact, more often during the intimate sexual contact after dating someone with herpes. The virus can be present in both men and women.

How Herpes Transmitted?

The herpes virus can spread especially during sexual intercourse. It can transmit also through oral sex, kissing, and genital and anus contact. In some cases, the herpes virus can transmit in open wounds or cut skin or blisters. It often spreads during an outbreak of the symptoms as virus is contained in sores and blisters on skin. However, even if there is no signs of symptoms, herpes virus may still be present on skin and can transmit to others who come in close contact.

Did I Get it from my Current Relationship Partner?

The current episode of the herpes may not possibly from the current partner. Some men that contains herpes for the first time think that they acquire it from dating women with herpes, or from their recent partner. Because the herpes can recur, the current episode have been passed by a sexual intercourse in the current or distant past. Just for example, you have herpes coming from your previous partner and passed it to your subsequent partner, which includes your current partner with viral shedding.

When you are dating someone with herpes, you find it hard to identify if she acquired the infection, unless if she will have a confession to make. The worst case is, when your partner never knew that she already have the virus and both of you are not aware that you are sharing same enigma at the same time. Your partner may not be aware that she is already infected maybe because she never experienced the outbreak yet. The research manifested that it can be possible to transmit the herpes type 2 from a partner even if you’re not experiencing the outbreak.

If you know that your partner is infected with the virus, then have some safe cover so that both of you are secured. However, it is also advisable when you are dating women with herpes. Unfortunately, this disease is hard to treat but you can help them practice an ideal living. If they are not are not aware with the healthy living beyond their illness, you can advise them with some smart tips. Suggest them to take a bath before and after your sex contact. You can also talk with them many times, so that they would never have the feeling of being abandoned.

However, dating women with herpes or having sex with someone with herpes is not a problem that most men should worry about. They can try to have a healthy and sustainable safe sex. A professional advice can help a lot for both partners. You cannot even deprive yourself of enjoying the pleasure of sex, unless if you always bring a safe cover with you.