Finding Love Online: Tips And Rules To Remember

Still looking for someone special? Just make sure to keep yourself safe. Nowadays, a lot of people searches for the right person on dating sites; there are some tips that will preserve your safety on the Internet and when you decide to meet your online match.

19072014102318495797850060Personal Information: never pass your personal information to strangers, such as the address of your home. You can have the sensation that you know the person since you have been talking for a while, but you don’t really know each other. Until you meet the person physically, exchange many messages through the dating site, which is designed to keep the contacts anonymously.

Never send money: You can think that you are helping the other, but do not send money to people you met through the site. Do not forget that your goal is to find someone who really cares about you. There are swindlers who can use dating sites to deceive people and scamming. Be wary especially if the person is from another country and after a long period of messaging start asking for money to buy a ticket to visit you.

Find the right place to meet: after having exchanged several messages with that person and if you feel the urge to meet them, look for public places such as shopping centers or places where there are a lot of people. Never meet with someone in hidden places, in your home or in the home of someone else. If you are afraid of this first contact, ask a friend to go with you. Always let some friends and relatives know where and with who you will be. Ask someone you know to call you during the meeting to see if everything is fine. This way the person you are meeting will see that you are being monitored and that there are people who care about your well-being and safety.

Trust your gut: if you find something suspicious, say you have to leave or give some excuse. Sometimes, only in personal contact, you will find the character of the person next to you, almost by instinct. Remember that simple precautions can make you feel safer.

Do not be prematurely intimate with the person you just met: kissing is a common habit and it’s seen by many as something harmless. But there’s the danger of transmission of several diseases, including sexually transmitted infections. The most common virus, that is also contagious, is herpes. This disease is caused by herpes simplex virus and can cause blisters and sores on the lips and skin around the mouth. This virus is transmitted through the contact with wounds and even with saliva, so kissing someone who has wounds is not recommended. Sometimes transmission can occur when the infected person doesn’t have symptoms, but it’s rarer.

Now imagine that your first date is awesome and you want to get to know better this person you just met or even to pursue a relationship with him/her. People who are trying to find love know already how hard it can be to start a brand new relationship, and how having a new relationship is usually associated to the feelings of uncertainty and anxiety.

For people with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), this scenario can be even worse. Nowadays you can find several dating websites dedicated specifically for people who suffer from Herpes, showing a solution for those who fear open to tell to their future partners about their condition. You have to know that herpes is a common problem. It is believed that 60% to 95% of adults in this world suffer from one of the two viruses (HSV1 and HSV2), and in some cases, these viruses have no symptoms. There are several types of herpes infections and each of this type requires a specific treatment.

In the case of herpes labialis, which is the most common form, the infection can occur even when there are no visible lesions. So if you are dating someone with herpes and if you want to stay 100 % safe, you have to follow the next advice. There are very effective medications for internal use or place that help reduce the size and duration of the lesions. If your special one didn’t have an appointment with the doctor or with a dermatologist yet, ask him to make an appointment. Talking to the doctor about this topic and take the appropriate prescription for medicines are the best ways to deal with this infection. If possible, go with him to the doctor to learn better.

A practice that has become common among patients with an STD is to seek partners on social networking sites dedicated to people with herpes. The emergence of these sites coincides with the increase of STD cases. These sites are dedicated especially to the holders of non-curable diseases such as genital herpes, HPV and HIV. However, people with curable STDs also choose to date with people who have herpes or other sexual infections.

According to the proponents of these sites, pursuing relationships in virtual environments where others share the same problems makes it easier to open. In addition, there is still much stigma around STIs, and some patients feel like they are not “attractive”, and many people, especially women, are afraid that the partners believe they had a lot of sexual partners because of this condition. In another hand, some people think that these sites can increase stigma and prejudice people who suffer from these diseases because it can induce the thought that an STD carrier can, or should relate to someone who shares the same Problem.


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