1Hsvsingles : Dating Review

Overview of Hsvsingles.com

HSV Singles is a website supporting singles with HSV. It is meant for singles that have HSV and want to date. It is a dating site for singles (whether you are a woman or man) who have Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV). Herpes has 2 types: the oral and genital one. HSV-1 or oral herpes causes infections in the mouth and lips. It is said to be transmitted through sharing utensils/objects or kissing. HSV-2 or genital herpes on the other hand is caused by sexual interaction/contact with a person having HSV-2.


  • Ease of searching
  • Able to see who's online
  • Advanced search options
  • Receive and send black book requests
  • Create a list of your favorite users
  • See your matches and who likes you
  • Stealth mode
  • Has an instant messaging feature
  • Add and update photos


Pros of HSV Singles:

  • Free registration.
    If you want to register on this website, it is completely free but if ever you want to be a premium member, you have to pay first in order to access all of its features.
  • Perfect for people who want to find love.
    Since this is a dating website, it has been made possible for people having HSV to date. Here, they can find their perfect match since your preferences can be seen on your profile thus; you gain a higher chance to meet someone base on their qualifications.
  • For people to have someone who understands what they're going through.
    Since all people in the website have HSV, people who they will meet there also went through the same thing s them. Because of it, they can find similarities among them and can also share their experiences for them to get to know each other better.
  • Creating your profile is easy.
    First you need a valid e-mail for verification. Second, choose a username and password then the rest, edit your profile. Add your preferences and other necessary information including your photos.


Cons of HSV Singles:

  • The price differs if you want to have a premium membership.
    Premium membership price differs if you want to try to be a member for 3 days, for a month or for three months.
  • Premium members have more features they can enjoy.
    If you're a regular member, there's a limitation on the features that you can access. For example, they can use the website's mobile version and send unlimited emails and IMs to other user.
  • Uses only credit card as a mode of payment.
    There is no other mode of payment aside from paying using r credit cards. Thus, paying online is also not possible.


HSV Singles user review

Users find the website attracting because of its main purpose of helping them finding their ideal match. Aside from that, they enjoyed certain features like the advanced search features and IMs. It has been said that the regular users can contact the website support by using the live chat in which they provide 24/7 support to their premium users. They were a bit disappointed by this one since they wanted to have equal customer support access to all users. Also, only the premium members can hide their identity by using the stealth mode. It's a bit of a disadvantage to those regular users. On the other hand, they praised the FAQ section of the website saying that they could almost find all the necessary information there.

Options Total Cost Cost Per Month Savings
Free Basic Membership 0! 0!
1 day membership $1 (once) / /
1 months membership $29.95 $29.95 /
3 months membership $39.95 $13.35 55%



Like all other websites, it has certain advantages and disadvantages to its users. Some has written both positive and negative reviews about this website. What's most important is that at the end of the day, HSV Singles is a decent website.