1Hope : Dating Review

A Hassle-Free Way to Kickstart Your Dating Life Again

Sexually transmitted diseases like HSV or HPV have held a stigma in the society for years. Fortunately, today, that view is gradually changing. This allows the affected individuals to at least gain something back from the society.

Although this change is taking in a slower phase, one thing is certain. Herpes or STD online dating sites hugely contribute to the significant reception that affected people are receiving from the society today. The presence of these portals gave people with herpes to feel confident about themselves. They can also have freedom to date again. If you are interested to find such a portal, Hope is there to receive you.

Hope as Online Portal Where You can Meet Gifted People and Spice Up Your Dating Life Again

Hope is an online dating site developed for gifted and special people. Here, members or individuals with sexually transmitted disease or herpes are considered as special with needs, tastes and preferences that are different, too. But regardless of a member's preference, they can find what they are looking for at Hope. They can find like-minded people whom they can get to know more and eventually start dating with later.


Here is the Right Place!

At Hope, the people behind it show that having STD is not enough for the affected individuals to leave the dating scene. It is still possible for them to date just as long as they know the right place. Hope is that right place. It is not only a place where you can meet and date like-minded people. This is also a place wherein you can get all the support you need. More than the accessible unconditional support, the website is also packed with features that are designed to make your stay at the site more worthwhile. Most importantly, the features are after making finding a date easier and hassle-free for the members.


Privacy Settings

Well, if you are worried about your privacy in this dating site, Positive Single will never bring you down here. This dating site allows you to set your photos which also can be seen by any members or rather set it only within your favorite list. But there are members who publishes their skewed or dark photos so that the can easily deny once someone else recognized them.


An STD Online Dating Site Packed with So Many Significant Features

More than the service offered by Hope, its team also developed different features to help members find their perfect date. These features include:

  •  A Drag-and-Drop Profile Builder designed to make building a profile easier
  •  The Proximity Search allowing members to find like-minded people in their area easily
  •  Matchmaking which is an automated search-algorithm that displays potential dates based on the provided profile information
  •  Real-Time Notifications that provides notifications for winks, messages and other related activities happening on the website
  •  A feature that allows members to check high quality photos of other users in full-screen view
  •  A feature that allows users to increase their chances of finding their ideal match through exchanging virtual gifts with the other members
  •  Instant connect to Facebook without registering an email ID
  •  Be able to video or text chat with potential dates
  •  Be able to interact with a wider range of audience, made possible with public forums and blogs
  • Credits Total Cost Savings
    100 credits $5 0%
    300 credits $10 33%
    500 credits $15 40%


    Take Hope with You Anywhere You Go!

    Hope also developed a Smartphone app to let you have access on the dating site, wherever you go. All features that have been introduced on the site's desktop version are also available for access at the app.

    The SpeedMatch option is also developed to help find your ideal match. It can be accessed on their Android and iOS apps. The fact that registering is free allows you to have an easy and instant access to this life-changing portal!