How to Reduce your Risk of Spreading or Getting Genital Herpes

People are human! Together with that fact, they also have personal needs to sustain the quality of life for a better living. Being infected with a herpes virus is not the reason to make them stop of controlling their sex life and deprive themselves out of the pleasure that it brings. As part of their existence, they also have the right to enjoy sex like common people do. However, dating someone with genital herpes can be safe. There are various ways that you can try to reduce the risk of spreading or getting the infection.

  1. Use a condom when having sex.

Condoms, especially the latex can protect you from getting the herpes virus when it covers the area if infection. It is very ideal also, because it is your first encounter over dating someone with genital herpes.


  1. Know if your partner is infected with sexually transmitted disease before

Many are not aware whether they are infected with herpes virus or not, so better ask your partner if he or she have any sexually transmitted disease before. People having a history of sexually transmitted disease are more prone to have genital herpes. In this case, it is better to have an honest approach for you to get the truth that you deserve.


  1. Sexual history of your partner is important

Someone with many sexual partners in the past can possibly be infected with herpes virus.


  1. Do not perform sex with your partner who feel the sore on the genital area.

Other did not aware that they are already dating someone with genital herpes. But, if you happen to know that your partner has a genital herpes, abstain from having sex when the symptoms are present. On the other hand, if you happen to know that your partner has the feeling of sore on his or her genital area; don’t perform sexual contact with his or her.


  1. Do not perform an oral sex with someone with a cold sore

The oral herpes that causes a sores on mouth that is known as cold sores of the fever blisters, can possibly be passed to genitals through the oral sex.


  1. Ask your partner to have a test for genital herpes

If you think you are dating someone with genital herpes, you may consider asking your partner to be tested so that you will avoid the high risk of spreading the infection. It is important so that you will identify it early.


  1. Do not perform sex while intoxicated

Illicit drugs and alcohols can lower the inhibitions and impair the judgments. Those who are less careful about performing a safe sex while intoxicated will regret it later.


Therefore, there are various ways that you can do when you are dating someone with genital herpes. The best thin g that you can do is to primarily know if your partner is infected so that you are aware and you will be protected of acquiring the disease. Safety and protection is the most important thing to make your sex life healthy.