How to date with herpes as a gay man?

f3a795c52321a6795e3cb78dbe557d00According to statistics issued by official government bodies, homosexuals and bisexuals are more likely to contract a sexually transmitted infection such as herpes compared to heterosexuals. With the kind of stigma attached with herpes and other STDs, finding a life companion when you’re tainted is a herculean task. While dating with herpes would have been impossible about 15 years ago, things have got simpler over the years, thanks to the inception of herpes dating sites.

These dating services have been designed exclusively for men and women affected with herpes. Besides, users do have the option of stating their preferences in order to land a perfect companion. If you happen to be a gay man, there is no need to panic after a herpes diagnosis. Stay calm and composed and get onto a specialist herpes dating site. Follow these steps while on a herpes dating sites to be able to find an ideal companion.

  • Choose the best website: As a rule of thumb, it is always advised to join a premium dating site over a free herpes dating site. It has been observed that free dating sites are plagued with a lot of free and inactive profiles, which hamper the overall online dating experience. Moreover, being new to the world of online dating, you’d have no idea on how to determine if a profile is not genuine. Moreover, genuine herpes dating sites for gay men would ensure your personal information is safe and would never make it accessible to third – parties.
  • Creating a profile: When you’re creating a profile, make it for someone who doesn’t know anything about you. However, it wouldn’t make sense to include everything. Include precise information that isn’t boring to read thereby ensuring you don’t waste the reader’s time. Don’t forget to include a latest picture of yours as profiles that have a picture tend to receive better visibility compared to other profiles that have no picture. 
  • Make your presence felt: Instead of waiting for someone to get in touch with you, it would be better to initiate a conversation as soon as you discover someone interesting, who might be an ideal companion. Knowing how to begin a conversation is another key aspect you’d have to take into consideration. As a gay man, it wouldn’t be a great idea to use cheesy pickup likes. However, you could give a compliment as a conversational starter. On the other hand, telling them about something interesting you’ve found in their profile would certainly help.

People who consider dating with herpes as an uphill task are certainly missing out on a lot of amazing stuff in life. It is essential that you realize that you’re not alone and there are millions out there going through the same phase in life. Follow the aforementioned tips and you’d definitely be able to find a gay companion on a leading herpes dating website.


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