Herpes – does it affect dating?

It is the case with many people that they look for a partner to date with but Herpes is holding them back. We can understand their problem and thus, are providing the information on this issue.

35222015081318251865370419For the people who don’t know, Herpes is a viral disease that is mostly transmitted through sexual interaction. You may be surprised to know that in rare cases, it can also be transmitted through oral sex.  When an individual is having genital herpes, there will be blisters on his genitals or sore around the mouth.

When we talk about dating with herpes, there are many concerns related to it. The most important of them is- in many cases, herpes don’t show any symptom. Then, how someone can get to know if he or his partner is having herpes? It has been found that more than 50% of the herpes infected people don’t know that they are having herpes. If the person, with whom you have physical relation, is having herpes then it will be transmitted to you if precaution is not taken.

But, getting physical with someone is also a main need especially for those who are used to it. Even after knowing that you have herpes, you can’t refrain from getting sexual interaction. But, it is necessary to consider that your problem should not affect the life of others. If you are having it, admit it. And let your partner know about it before getting involved into higher levels of intimacy.

Some people take Herpes very lightly as they value their relationship more than anything else. Thus, even after knowing that they are at the risk of getting herpes people decide to go for sexual interaction. It is only because of their love and craziness that they have for their partner.


Here we are mentioning some precautions that the person can take while dating with herpes. Though these are meant for preventing the transmission of herpes but still there is no guarantee.

  • Avoid the direct contact with the affected parts having an outbreak. Even if the person having herpes is experiencing itching, pain, swelling or other discomfort, then they should avoid sexual contact.
  • Using condom while having intimacy will reduce the transmission chances to greater extent.
  • If possible talk to your doctor before having physical interaction. He can prescribe you the medicine or preventive measures to avoid the transmission.

If you are fed up with the loneliness and with the embarrassment which you feel while telling your would-be physical partner about herpes, then also you have another option. Still, there is something positive for you and it is that there is no risk involved if both the partners are having herpes. Now, you will think that how to find such person? Like other dating sites which are specially developed according to the needs and age of the individuals, there are also dating sites for someone with herpes. So, it is no more difficult to find the likely people who are also going through the same condition that of you.

Get registered on any such site and find the desired partner.


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