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How to Reduce your Risk of Spreading or Getting Genital Herpes

People are human! Together with that fact, they also have personal needs to sustain the quality of life for a better living. Being infected with a herpes virus is not the reason to make them stop of controlling their sex life and deprive themselves out of the pleasure that it brings. As part of their existence, they also have the right to enjoy sex like common people do. However, dating someone with genital herpes can be safe. There are various ways that you can try to reduce the risk of spreading or getting the infection.

  1. Use a condom when having sex.

Condoms, especially the latex can protect you from getting the herpes virus when it covers the area if infection. It is very ideal also, because it is your first encounter over dating someone with genital herpes.


  1. Know if your partner is infected with sexually transmitted disease before

Many are not aware whether they are infected with herpes virus or not, so better ask your partner if he or she have any sexually transmitted disease before. People having a history of sexually transmitted disease are more prone to have genital herpes. In this case, it is better to have an honest approach for you to get the truth that you deserve.


  1. Sexual history of your partner is important

Someone with many sexual partners in the past can possibly be infected with herpes virus.


  1. Do not perform sex with your partner who feel the sore on the genital area.

Other did not aware that they are already dating someone with genital herpes. But, if you happen to know that your partner has a genital herpes, abstain from having sex when the symptoms are present. On the other hand, if you happen to know that your partner has the feeling of sore on his or her genital area; don’t perform sexual contact with his or her.


  1. Do not perform an oral sex with someone with a cold sore

The oral herpes that causes a sores on mouth that is known as cold sores of the fever blisters, can possibly be passed to genitals through the oral sex.


  1. Ask your partner to have a test for genital herpes

If you think you are dating someone with genital herpes, you may consider asking your partner to be tested so that you will avoid the high risk of spreading the infection. It is important so that you will identify it early.


  1. Do not perform sex while intoxicated

Illicit drugs and alcohols can lower the inhibitions and impair the judgments. Those who are less careful about performing a safe sex while intoxicated will regret it later.


Therefore, there are various ways that you can do when you are dating someone with genital herpes. The best thin g that you can do is to primarily know if your partner is infected so that you are aware and you will be protected of acquiring the disease. Safety and protection is the most important thing to make your sex life healthy.


Dating Sites for People with Herpes

73562016051114044144373259Herpes dating sites exist to make way and give chance to people who are affected by the herpes virus to meet other people that know their condition. To help them cope with the feeling of being rejected and cast out from the world of normal people. People with herpes also need the same attention just like when they’re not yet affected by the disease. They should not be avoided or cast away.

These dating sites give opportunity for herpes people to interact with each other and share the same sentiments. This way they can feel that they are not alone in their fight. They will be more aware about their condition and what measures others are taking to cope with it. They can talk about anything not just all about herpes. Though they have herpes, it’s not required to talk about it often. Talk about your interests and anything under the sun—this is one aim of herpes dating sites—to make you forget that you have a sexually transmitted disease.

Herpes dating sites are important in giving people with herpes the comfort that they need among people who understand them and know how it feels to have herpes. They can also have a chance to mingle with those who have survived the disease and be inspired. They need to know that there is still hope. With proper medication and monitoring, herpes can be surpassed. Survival stories can motivate them to never give up on their lives.

Through dating sites, they will be enlightened of the fact that they can still meet someone who can accept them for who they are and someone who won’t reject or judge them for having herpes. It is important that they know they are not deprived of the chance to get back to dating again.

There are also people from herpes dating sites who are really not infected by this virus. They are also looking for someone who they can date and have a time with. In addition, if someone with herpes had the chance to have a talk with this non-herpes person and get to know each other better, the one with herpes can educate the other about the disease and just be honest about himself.

In herpes dating sites, you do not need to bluff who you’re talking because they already know. If you never become transparent, it may be a reason for that person to reject you at first hand and you can never convince them to come back. You must treat herpes properly. It is a serious matter and should be treated like one. You just have to go with the flow and let the conversation take you to places. Let it be as long as you took the responsible action of not letting the talk about your condition slip away.

It is a good thing that these herpes dating sites have been launched. It only shows that humanity is not that cruel. There is always a place for each of us where we can find ease and comfort even though we are going through something personal.

Herpes Transmission: How did I Get Herpes?

Shooting Denisa Strakova

Herpes is a viral disease caused by herpes viruses, affecting the skin and nervous system. The herpes virus can be transmitted in various ways, such as direct skin-to-skin contact, more often during the intimate sexual contact after dating someone with herpes. The virus can be present in both men and women.

How Herpes Transmitted?

The herpes virus can spread especially during sexual intercourse. It can transmit also through oral sex, kissing, and genital and anus contact. In some cases, the herpes virus can transmit in open wounds or cut skin or blisters. It often spreads during an outbreak of the symptoms as virus is contained in sores and blisters on skin. However, even if there is no signs of symptoms, herpes virus may still be present on skin and can transmit to others who come in close contact.

Did I Get it from my Current Relationship Partner?

The current episode of the herpes may not possibly from the current partner. Some men that contains herpes for the first time think that they acquire it from dating women with herpes, or from their recent partner. Because the herpes can recur, the current episode have been passed by a sexual intercourse in the current or distant past. Just for example, you have herpes coming from your previous partner and passed it to your subsequent partner, which includes your current partner with viral shedding.

When you are dating someone with herpes, you find it hard to identify if she acquired the infection, unless if she will have a confession to make. The worst case is, when your partner never knew that she already have the virus and both of you are not aware that you are sharing same enigma at the same time. Your partner may not be aware that she is already infected maybe because she never experienced the outbreak yet. The research manifested that it can be possible to transmit the herpes type 2 from a partner even if you’re not experiencing the outbreak.

If you know that your partner is infected with the virus, then have some safe cover so that both of you are secured. However, it is also advisable when you are dating women with herpes. Unfortunately, this disease is hard to treat but you can help them practice an ideal living. If they are not are not aware with the healthy living beyond their illness, you can advise them with some smart tips. Suggest them to take a bath before and after your sex contact. You can also talk with them many times, so that they would never have the feeling of being abandoned.

However, dating women with herpes or having sex with someone with herpes is not a problem that most men should worry about. They can try to have a healthy and sustainable safe sex. A professional advice can help a lot for both partners. You cannot even deprive yourself of enjoying the pleasure of sex, unless if you always bring a safe cover with you.

How to Strike Up a Conversation with a Girl on a Herpes Dating Site

73562016051114044137322659Having herpes can be emotional, and you will have a feeling of fear and guilt of being abandoned by other, which is the most stressing part of all. If you need someone to talk to, then you can confide to your trusted friend, a family member or even confess it to someone you never know through the dating sites for herpes. You can have a safe conversation as you seek a comfort and understanding from a stranger that you never know and have not meet before. Furthermore, this is an opportunity for you to be recognized in a society where you never get a feeling of being deserted.

We all know that those who move their place to dating site for herpes are those who are diagnosed with that so called virus, so it can never be astonishing to know if the members there contain herpes. Dating sites for people with herpes will give an opportunity to make themselves involved in a normal society just like any other individual. However, striking up a conversation to a girl might be initially hard for someone with that disease. The first thing that you will do is to be open and provide the necessary fact for a responsible dating.

It can be difficult to strike up a good conversation for a girl since it is coupled with a stigma that our society had placed on. Just be yourself. Be honest. It is the most effective idea that you can choose to follow. If there is an existence of acceptance, perhaps you can have a good conversation because it is hard to find someone, who is willing to take an idea of dating with herpes diseased person. In the long run, you can gain support from someone that will prove to you that having a herpes disease does not mean that it is already the end of the world.

Striking up a good conversation can be challenging, confessing about the herpes disease is very hard but as I said honesty is the virtue. Many girls can appreciate an honest approach regardless of who you are. A dating site for herpes is an opportunity for you to meet and have a relationship with girls in the virtual world. It is also a welcoming and a warm hearted community to meet singles and chat with other herpes friends. In addition, you are never required to submit personal information if you’re not comfortable with the disclosing. Furthermore, all of the information will be kept anonymous and private until you decided to take the things further.

Honesty is very important form the very start. Even you are only dealing with chats or face time, and never met that girl personally, it is still important to show respect through your honest approach. Many girls are open for an idea of dating with herpes people in a safe, nondiscriminatory, stigma-free, friendly and warm online dating environment.

Helpful advices: dating someone with herpes

94582016051114053887615898If you think dating with herpes is impossible, you are wrong. It’s okay to date even if you have herpes. There are online dating sites for people with herpes so you don’t have to worry about yourself being all alone in the future. Yes, it is a great discouragement for some to be infected with herpes and they don’t feel good about themselves anymore. But the launch of herpes dating sites gave a new light to people with herpes. They now have the chance to meet someone who they can be comfortable with which they thought won’t ever happen. Even though you are now able to mingle with other people in these sites, here are still some pieces of advice for you:

  1. Honesty about your condition.

Honesty is a big key in dealing with herpes. You have to know the truth about yourself as well your prospective partner. You have to get yourself tested and accept the results. Do what you have to do—take medications. Not only for yourself but also for the people around you. Do not hide your condition because it will do you no good.

  1. Keep your partner safe.

If you are going to be intimate with your partner, make sure that you are both protected to prevent the transfer of the disease. It is important that you use condoms during sexual intercourse and don’t do sexual contacts in the duration of outbreaks.

  1. Have the motivation not to give up.

Have faith and don’t be discouraged about your condition even in the time of dating. Just be true to yourself and your partner. Make sure that you are on the right track of your medication and you’re all good. Don’t let depression take over you and bring you down. Be motivated by the chance of meeting someone who understands your condition and is willing to take the risk with you.

Herpes is a treatable disease and all you have to do is fight it and never let it eat your being. Have the enough amount of courage to take the necessary actions to keep it within your control while you are in your dating stage. Take full control of it and be responsible enough on the consequences that may come along the way. Always remember that though you got the chance to date in the presence of this illness, you are still not in your full potential. Never forget to be extra careful.

Once you decide to go on dating, you will not think about just yourself anymore but you already have to include your partner in the process by letting them learn more about your condition, educate them and make sure they are updated about your medication—they can be you support. Make them your inspiration to overcome your disease. You have to be real partners, showing both respect and care about each other because it’s not the typical dating that you can see from other people. This is a much more serious one.

It’s Okay to Date someone with Herpes

73562016051114044097857372It’s okay if you’re dating a man with herpes. You do not have to worry about it because it is not a big deal at all and it is a treatable disease. As long as the man you’re dating is honest with you about his condition, you don’t have to be afraid of dating him. He must be very brave to tell you about his condition. He’s fair enough to let you know because he knows that you ought to know. Then let be your date a normal date like what others do.

Though, dating a man with herpes is at some point, a way off, the important thing about it is that, he is taking his part to cure the disease (he is taking medications) and you are also making sure that you are protected if both of you have the plan to do the deed to avoid possible transfer of the virus to you. Having the knowledge of this disease including how you can protect yourself from it is important and if you are equipped with the understanding once you date some with herpes, there is nothing wrong about it. The big deal is that if you are unaware that the one you’re dating has herpes.  That’s the time that you have to think and reconsider your relationship. But there is only a small possibility of this to happen.

Some people with herpes have low self-esteem and has faced rejections in the past and sometimes they don’t expect too much attachment from the people they meet. They lose hope about finding someone who will accept them for who they are. But if that’s the case, there is nothing to worry about because there are herpes dating sites where people with the same sickness can freely interact with each other and share sentiments. These sites can help people with herpes find the companion they want to have.

Herpes dating sites shows that there are also people who you can talk to about anything without being judged or rejected. These sites will let you know that there is someone out there who has same illness as yours and wants to know you better. Meeting people with herpes on dating sites will let you be more learn more about your condition. It is better that you have something to share in common since you don’t know each other yet.

It’s okay to date someone with herpes. As long as both of you take measures while inside your relationship and do your responsibility to prevent and treat the disease. Dating a man with herpes makes you more responsible and he also does his obligation to keep you safe and have his illness be treated. As for using a herpes dating site in finding your future mate, take your time to be keen and get to know the person better. Although you can talk about the same issue and get along well, you can’t assume because you also have to consider things and to be sure that you really want to do future things together.

A Must Follow Dating With Herpes Tips

In case you are infected with herpes, dating could be a scary and terrifying scenario. It is common for us to experience insecurity and self-doubt once faced with the problem of challenge of building new intimate relationships. Despite that fact that this is extremely understandable and normal, there are dating with herpes tips that one could follow in order to reduce the anxiety of dating with herpes.

There is a saying that “Honesty is the best Policy”. Once you have been found out with genital herpes o Herpes Simplex 2, you should tell someone that you’re going to have sex with. Keep in mind that there is no exception to this rule. Herpes can be transferred although you use condom. When you partner isn’t infected, she needs to know what the dangers are. As stated above “you must tell anyone that you’re going to have sex with”. This shows that unless the relationship has formed to the extent that sex is about to happen, you do not need to tell if you do not like to. Depending on your own individual level of acceptance, you can choose at what case is the right time to tell this information.

Enhance your possibilities through seeking like-minded people. It is worth telling that the kind of buddy or companion that you’re searching for could go longer way towards them accepting the real you, regardless of your condition. Look for somebody who isn’t quick to stereotype and judge. Openness is a good quality, although you do not have genital herpes. Follow precautions is a must follow dating with herpes tips.  Sex is normal in relationship. Once you have this genital condition and involve in sexual activities, the chance of transmitting this simplex virus higher.  So as to avoid this from happening, you need to use contraceptives like condom.  What is more using suppressants like as acyclovir are also supportive.

Never share the wealth is another dating with herpes tips that you must follow. When you’re not under the care of experts to assist you handle the epidemics, then get there. While there’s no treatment or cure, lots of medications are on hand to lessen the severity and frequency of herpes epidemics. Work with your physician to understand when you are most likely to be infectious and follow the treatment regimen. When it does not appear to be working for you, talk about other alternatives.

Consider dating websites which allow you keep in touch with other who are infected with herpes. This could take anxiety and pressure of. You do not need to fret about breaking the news, dealing with rejections or transmission of herpes. This could be a win-win case for those involved. These websites give you with many formats for meeting a match partner. You can join here for free. No matter what approach that you pick for dating a man with herpes, you must pat yourself back. Joining herpes dating site is a good step in accepting your case or infection. Herpes is only an infection. Herpes don’t have to control your life, it doesn’t have to make statement regarding the quality of human being that you are.

How to Identify False Users in Dating Sites

84892015012114321598807594Since the advent of online dating sites as well as dating services, people are increasingly becoming more and more interested in plunging and creating their own online dating profile. On the other hand, not all the users are real; some of users are fake, so beware of them. Keep in mind that not all profiles are created equally in which some individuals and companies utilize them in order to promote themselves and get ahead.

The issue of false online users continues to sky rocket and drown many singles out there right in the online dating sites.Where are they coming from? What is their main intention? This kind of issue still remains anonymity of the online dating has opened the flood gates of thieves, liars, cheats, as well as sex industries that are looking to create quick bucks.

Put your own battle gear because dating in these modern days has become minefield strew with lots of false users who are ready to blow up in your own face. Below are some of the ways on how to identify false users so that you will no longer fall as their victim.


Beware of “verified” profiles in which some of the dating sites tout. Some more clever profiles could get “verified” by means of utilizing friend’s credit card. Unless a certain site is going an extra mile just to go to extra effort when it comes to meeting singles in person, doing background check along with taking their online profile pictures for them, verifying will mean more than false users have access to the credit card. Some services could conduct background checks if you mainly feel that a certain individual is certainly worth looking into further.

Read the Profile

This is one of the best ways on how to identify false users. Most of the fake profiles do not take time in filling in the sections. In addition to that, false profiles have trouble with the correct grammar or basic English. If someone flags a certain user and has his or her own account deleted, he or she will create new account. You can report fake profiles to online dating service. This is the least that you can do. You would be helping out by means of not letting the next person be faked out.

Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed ways in order for false userto stop dominating the online dating world. They are very relentless marketers and they need to create contacts as possible. The good suggestion here is, for your first contact, if you are worried whether or not they are telling you the truth, you can ask him or her outright. If a certain single you have contacted could not answer your basic questions and give you just two or one-word answers, or gets very angry that you have questioned if he or she is legitimate or not. This is a sign that you have to move on. Keep in mind that a real person will understand.

Proven effective ways to avoid false user harassment

In getting to know people in the online world, one should take time and most of all trust his or her instinct. There is a need to act with caution and at the same time learn about people right before contacting them outside of dating site.

Take Time

There are times when you are very excited about a person. Because of this, your own instinct could be confused by a very strong feeling. Take your time when it comes talking about your own self. Do not give out your own life story on the first time you chat with someone in an online dating site.

Do your own research and be Responsible

Bear in mind that there is always a certain limit to the ability of the dating provider to check user’s backgrounds and verify information the person provides. They could not perform criminal record check on each and every user. You can check in order to see if the person that you are interested in is on social networking sites and do web search to know if there are records of that person online.

Requests for Money are Your Red Light

Ask yourself why will someone borrow you money if you have never met him or her? No reason is there for someone to ask for financial information. Keep your bank account information private as possible. There is a need to stop all the contact as early as possible then report this kind of matter to the online dating site.

Report Suspicious or Unacceptable Behavior

No one should put insulting, threatening, and offensive behavior online. Trust your own instinct and as early as possible, you should stop communicating with someone who makes you feel apprehensive or uncomfortable. You should never feel embarrassed to report problems to dating services. With this, you are helping other people and doing the users a good favor.

So, for those who are into online dating sites most especially dating with herpes in herpes dating sites, beware of false users. You should know how to safeguard yourself against those because this is the best way to get the most out the dating sites. Aside from that, this will also help you get along with other people who are also into online dating. Keep in mind that many fake users are there who may give you nothing but problems.

Knowing how to identify false users along with ways on how to avoid harassment from them, you can be certain to experience best online dating more than what you have ever imagined. The above mentioned information will surely help you a lot. There is nothing wrong with online dating, but always be responsible in everything you do. You can do many things to avoid any problem. All you have to do is know what the basics are when it comes to dating online. Surely, you will never encounter issues and problems; instead you will get the kind of satisfaction you are aiming for.

Dating Site for People with Herpes: Help Bring Life Back to Normal

92242016012118492272485332Having a genital herpes is a huge burden in one’s life and it could easily cause many psychological upheavals in lots of individuals. You might feel lied or cheated by  you loved ones and are feel alone, not knowing where to go or where to turn. Not seeking help or advice could be extremely essential to your well-being.  You really don’t like to try and stay your normal life as possible.

Why would you like to pick a dating site for people with herpes and STD? Largely because you like to meet people with the same condition and interest as you and people who are experiencing with genital herpes or STDs are going to have many things in common with you. Also, it is going to make you feel more at ease knowing that all and sundry is aware of either you genital herpes condition. These renowned sites have remarkable deal of essential information and could easily lead you back in the dating scene. Imagine how great it will be to go out on date again.

Once you visit or join dating site for people with herpes, you will not have that stigma attached to you, and you’ll be accepted as part of the society. The benefit is that you have support and higher chance to get your life back to normal. As sexually transmitted disease becomes more recognized individual sites are being made which cater to individual illnesses whether it is syphilis or herpes. These websites have one thing in common, to help members out on dates once again and become active in their love life. All and sundry wants to have a normal life yet again and many do through joining dating site for people with herpes. After signing up at dating with herpes site, member is given the chance to keep his or her identity a secret without giving any personal detail out. When you have a date lined up, then it’s all up to you to talk about your herpes condition, when you are at ease or comfortable doing so.

As a member of any of dating with herpes sites, you quickly learn that members here are friendly, accommodating and you will meet members of different cultures, ages as well as nationalities and from all walks of life. Still it is going to be very essential to practice safe sex as well as get daily or regular medical checkup to monitor your conditions.

Going to a local STD clinic could be extremely valuable even after being detected with genital herpes, the information you give them is done in private and although you will be questioned, there’s no need to feel ashamed about your answers. These experts are here to give you support and assistance in order to bring your life to normal once more. Dating site for people with herpes sufferers could really prove to be a remarkable assistance and are easily available for everyone with this condition, so what are you waiting for? Join now!

Helpful Tips for Dating Someone with Herpes

92242016012118485939169410Herpes dating is a theory which usually refers to dating someone with herpes. Herpes is a very transmittable disease and this one of the reasons why you should be careful in dating someone with herpes. If you are one of those people who have genital herpes, don’t lose hope since it’s not the end of your life. If you have this type of disease, it is highly recommended that you perform precautionary measures in order to avoid the spread of the virus. If you are in search for valuable information about herpes dating, reading hdate review is highly recommended. Here, you will know and learn some of the helpful tips for dating someone with herpes. Check these out:

  • If you have herpes and you are dating someone, the first thing that you must do is to be honest and let the other personal know about your situation. You must make sure that the person knows about what you are going through before things get serious between the two of you.
  • Have a heart-to-heart talk with the other person. You should expect that she would be taken aback by what you will say but that is just a normal initial reaction to your condition. There is a possibility that she may feel betrayed especially if you will drop the bomb after you have had several dates already.
  • If she cares for you though and if she is a sensible person, she will hear you out. You are expected to tell her about the details of your condition, not the part about where you got the disease. If she really cares for you, she will hear you out and understand you.
  • Improve your chances by seeking like-minded individuals. Look for someone who is not quick to stereotype and judge. Honesty is an excellent quality even if you don’t have herpes.
  • If you are not under a physician’s care to help you manage outbreaks, then get there. While there is no cure, many treatments are available to reduce the severity and frequency of genital herpes outbreaks. It is very important to work with your doctor to know when you are most likely to be contagious and follow your treatment regimen.
  • Visit some dating sites that will allow you to freely connect with others who also suffer from genital herpes. You don’t have to worry about breaking the transmission of your herpes and dealing with rejection. This can be a win-win situation for everyone involved. These sites provide you with multiple formats for meeting a compatible partner. They are often free and it is easy to register.

Always bear in mind that herpes is just an infection. It does not have to rule your life, nor does it make a statement about the quality of person that you are. If you want to gather additional valuable information and details about genital herpes, browsing the web or conducting a thorough research can be a great help. Dating with herpes now!