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How to Identify False Users in Dating Sites

84892015012114321598807594Since the advent of online dating sites as well as dating services, people are increasingly becoming more and more interested in plunging and creating their own online dating profile. On the other hand, not all the users are real; some of users are fake, so beware of them. Keep in mind that not all profiles are created equally in which some individuals and companies utilize them in order to promote themselves and get ahead.

The issue of false online users continues to sky rocket and drown many singles out there right in the online dating sites.Where are they coming from? What is their main intention? This kind of issue still remains anonymity of the online dating has opened the flood gates of thieves, liars, cheats, as well as sex industries that are looking to create quick bucks.

Put your own battle gear because dating in these modern days has become minefield strew with lots of false users who are ready to blow up in your own face. Below are some of the ways on how to identify false users so that you will no longer fall as their victim.


Beware of “verified” profiles in which some of the dating sites tout. Some more clever profiles could get “verified” by means of utilizing friend’s credit card. Unless a certain site is going an extra mile just to go to extra effort when it comes to meeting singles in person, doing background check along with taking their online profile pictures for them, verifying will mean more than false users have access to the credit card. Some services could conduct background checks if you mainly feel that a certain individual is certainly worth looking into further.

Read the Profile

This is one of the best ways on how to identify false users. Most of the fake profiles do not take time in filling in the sections. In addition to that, false profiles have trouble with the correct grammar or basic English. If someone flags a certain user and has his or her own account deleted, he or she will create new account. You can report fake profiles to online dating service. This is the least that you can do. You would be helping out by means of not letting the next person be faked out.

Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed ways in order for false userto stop dominating the online dating world. They are very relentless marketers and they need to create contacts as possible. The good suggestion here is, for your first contact, if you are worried whether or not they are telling you the truth, you can ask him or her outright. If a certain single you have contacted could not answer your basic questions and give you just two or one-word answers, or gets very angry that you have questioned if he or she is legitimate or not. This is a sign that you have to move on. Keep in mind that a real person will understand.

Proven effective ways to avoid false user harassment

In getting to know people in the online world, one should take time and most of all trust his or her instinct. There is a need to act with caution and at the same time learn about people right before contacting them outside of dating site.

Take Time

There are times when you are very excited about a person. Because of this, your own instinct could be confused by a very strong feeling. Take your time when it comes talking about your own self. Do not give out your own life story on the first time you chat with someone in an online dating site.

Do your own research and be Responsible

Bear in mind that there is always a certain limit to the ability of the dating provider to check user’s backgrounds and verify information the person provides. They could not perform criminal record check on each and every user. You can check in order to see if the person that you are interested in is on social networking sites and do web search to know if there are records of that person online.

Requests for Money are Your Red Light

Ask yourself why will someone borrow you money if you have never met him or her? No reason is there for someone to ask for financial information. Keep your bank account information private as possible. There is a need to stop all the contact as early as possible then report this kind of matter to the online dating site.

Report Suspicious or Unacceptable Behavior

No one should put insulting, threatening, and offensive behavior online. Trust your own instinct and as early as possible, you should stop communicating with someone who makes you feel apprehensive or uncomfortable. You should never feel embarrassed to report problems to dating services. With this, you are helping other people and doing the users a good favor.

So, for those who are into online dating sites most especially dating with herpes in herpes dating sites, beware of false users. You should know how to safeguard yourself against those because this is the best way to get the most out the dating sites. Aside from that, this will also help you get along with other people who are also into online dating. Keep in mind that many fake users are there who may give you nothing but problems.

Knowing how to identify false users along with ways on how to avoid harassment from them, you can be certain to experience best online dating more than what you have ever imagined. The above mentioned information will surely help you a lot. There is nothing wrong with online dating, but always be responsible in everything you do. You can do many things to avoid any problem. All you have to do is know what the basics are when it comes to dating online. Surely, you will never encounter issues and problems; instead you will get the kind of satisfaction you are aiming for.