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Dating someone with Herpes: How to Tell someone?

92242016012118485766578435Believe it or not, most of us do have deepest, darkest secrets you wouldn’t even dare to reveal right on front of dinner table. It is the same feeling you will have when you want to tell your someone special that you have herpes. As soon as you were diagnosed with this condition, you might feel that this is already you end of the world. However, in reality, you are just 1 out of 5 people who have this sexually transmitted disease. Steadily, your self-esteem will be rebounded right after your diagnosis as well as treatments will curbed the different symptoms. But there is one more things, which will still remain. Men whom you are dating will rarely react well as soon as you start sharing your story. Oftentimes, they would have just a repulsed look and then, they will never call once more.

Because herpes  could greatly affect  the sexual health of your future partners, it is really important to tell him right before any kind of contact happens to you (even though you will use condom). As much as possible, you should tell the right on your first date.

On the other hand, you might be stressing out yourself on what you should  tell him. With that, you can tell him like this ”Hey, you know I really like the way  you are and I am willing to take this further. But before anything else, we need to talk about our own sexual histories.” You must him if he  already tried taking test for STD or AIDS.  If his answer is no, then   you must encourage him.  By doing this,  it will show that  you are taking seriously your health. Meanwhile, your date  will be  blown by the fact that you have just revealed on him. He could be afraid about the thing he heard however, as soon as you start explain what you feel and the way you deal with will let him realize how strong you are as a person.

For women with herpes, it’s a sad thing to accept that getting sick would mean to lose the love you’ve always wanted. Dating is now something to worry about and not to enjoy.  The stigma associated to people with the disease just grows intensely with each passing day. They are scared to try because they are afraid to lose. There is actually nothing to lose if you haven’t given something.

Bear in mind that having herpes is not the end of a relationship. You have herpes and it is something that your partner needs to know if you want the relationship to progress. Strong relationship is built on trust, so never be afraid to tell the truth if it would mean for good. He may have a second thought of getting you seriously, but if he really cares it would not be a big deal. It’s up to you when but make sure to have a good timing. Tell your partner beforehand before you start building a relationship.