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What should I do when I found my lover have herpes?

It is inevitable.  Since most of us wants to get the best out of our lives, we couldn’t just waste any moment but live life to the fullest.   Tell me, what will you do if you meet someone irresistible? Would you run away from him?  Would you let him go? Of course, not! That would be a huge mistake. And me, I just realized the moment that I am naked with these young and oozing of sex appeal man. I don’t know what to do but to follow what my body is shouting for. We have done all night long.

92242016012118492843519845 However, few days after that, I’ve noticed some things within me.  I’ve been feeling burning sensation every time I need to pee and there was also discharge. Also, I found more or less 10 sores around my labia. These can be compared to ingrown hair but I can’t popped them out. Around its white center is being surrounded by red and irritated ring.

Because of that, I hurriedly researched about it. I don’t even have the courage to tell this to my relatives and friends. So, what should I do right now? Here are some tips for you when you are dating with herpes.

Be optimistic.

It is one of the basic things I’ve learned along the way.  As soon as I’ve learned that my lover have herpes, I was really upset. That was to think that he never think twice before taking me in. But because  I saw his sincere apology, I choose to be happy despite of the fact. After all, I believe that everything happens for a reason. It could be just one of the biggest trial we’ve need to pass.

Never isolate yourself instead find friends who are in the same situation.

For us herpes victims, it was not about the disease itself.  This is all about the shame we are going through as soon as someone know about it. Even though you are too open minded and progressive yourself, you will still end up thinking how you’ve got this. In that case, you must never let yourself be drowned on that scenario. Rather than staying within your house, go out and find someone to talk to. These are people who also have herpes.   You might feel relieved when you talk them.  They can give you advice on what you should do in dealing with it.

Be Cautious

Though you already know your partner do have herpes (which he might even already passed on you),  you must still keep your  bar way high. This is because herpes will now  become a favour or even a bargaining chip with him.  They must not use this condition on not  giving too much effort for your relationship.   They must still prove their love for  you  and treat  you accordingly although they have this sexual health.

Always bear in your mind that you also deserve a fulfilling and supportive relationship whatever stigma  you have  right now while you are  dating someone with herpes.


Tips to Follow When Dating Women with Herpes

It can be very scary if you found out that you have been dating women with herpes. You may start on wondering how to become intimate with them without risking your health. You may even consider not seeing these women ever again. But, it does not mean that those women you have been dating with herpes have herpes are not living their normal lives like you. You just need to be very careful as far as intimacy is concerned.

35222015081318251682644144Here are some of the best and simple tips you need to follow when dating women with herpes and these are as follows:

  • Have Yourself Tested and Checked for a Sexually Transmitted  Disease

Before becoming intimate with any of those women with herpes, it is a good idea for you to be checked and tested for all sexually transmitted diseases. If you are sexually active, then there might be a possibility of having an STD.

If you have a clean and healthy conditioned body, then you know where to stand even if you’re dating someone with herpes. This is also an essential way to increase your awareness on some of the precautions to follow.

  • Increase your Awareness with the Use of Condoms

When you are dating women with herpes, you may think that the only way to protect yourself is by means of using condoms. This is not completely true. These condoms will protect you from herpes if they only cover the area wherein herpes outbreak exists.

But, herpes usually spreads off in the genital areas wherein condoms do not have the ability to cover them. Thus, you do not just rely on using condoms to protect yourself from herpes.

  • Open Line Communication

One of the most effective ways of protecting yourself from getting herpes is by means of an open communication with the woman you are presently dating. This is because there are instances that the woman may not tell you the right time when the outbreak occurs. This is evident to those women who have the tingling sensations on their genital areas. This is the time that you need to abstain from any sexual intercourse with them.

  • Take a Herbal Medication or Prescription

For those women with herpes, an herbal medication or prescription can help reduce the chance of herpes outbreak. This will definitely be avoided to be passed on to other partners.  The best thing that you need to do is to follow a healthy lifestyle. And thus, you will be reduced from unwanted stress. You also need to keep your immune system healthy to reduce the chances of sickness.

Dating with herpes is still safer. Just because the woman you want to have a date with has herpes doesn’t mean that she cannot be happy. Dating women with herpes increases your responsibility and awareness in taking some of the necessary precautions. Thus, this can help prevent the onset and spread of this type of disease.

As you follow the above mentioned tips, you are most assured that dating women with herpes can be an exciting and enjoying moment. This is as long as you know the limitations and precautions. This will give you a long lasting relationship with them despite their condition.

Dealing with the Stigma When Dating Someone with Herpes

So you found out that the person you met online or is dating recently has genital herpes, what did you do? Or what should you do to deal with the situation? Should you stop seeing the person? Do you think that is your only option here? Absolutely not!

19622014120409594772422737The problem with dating someone with Herpes is not the disease itself, but today’s society that has overblown stigma over the disease. The truth is, most adult sex has come in contact with the herpes virus that right now, it is actually pretty common of a disease. What is debilitating of Herpes is the shame and isolation that comes with it which people with Herpes have to deal with.

Because of this, most people with Herpes becomes afraid to connect with people and form a relationship. They are afraid of the discrimination and sometimes look of disgust that people throw at them when they are simply trying to find someone who can understand and accept them. In truth, there is really no need for people to worry or be afraid of dating someone with Herpes. More importantly, there is no reason for someone with Herpes to stop looking for fun and love just because they are infected with Herpes virus.

First of all, you have to understand that almost 20% of U.S. adult population is affected with Herpes. It is not like a rare disease that cannot be cured. Even if you have it, you can still live life normally, fall in love, have sex and do thing like normal couples would. But in terms of dating, there are some pointers that you have to know.

Following that, when the subject of genital herpes comes into, don’t brush off the subject or think it is disgusting or discriminate people because of it. If you are looking for a partner or a friend, surely it is their personality that you first look at, right? Of course, this is not pressuring you since you also have your own views on things. But it is best to be open-minded over the subject and learn more about it.

Learning facts about Herpes can help you decide what to do rationally. Learning about it will help you come up with the most logical decision that will not leave you any regrets in the end. Should you decide to still pursue your relationship, then here are some useful tips that you have to do. First, get yourself tested to find out whether you have already contacted it and is positive.

If you are and your partner is positive as well, then you can have a worry-free sexual life since you can pass Herpes with someone who’s already has it. On the other hand, if you are not positive it means that you will have to take extra precaution when you get sexual and intimate to avoid transmission. Most important of all, be there for your partner and let the feel your support as it had taken them incredible courage to admit to you that they have Herpes. It just goes that they trust more than enough.