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Dating With Herpes: Live a Happy and Prosperous Life

One of five men and one out 4 women are living with herpes. Just about fifty million Americans have been diagnosed with genital herpes? Don’t despair as you’re not alone. Research for the treatment and lots of herpes dating sites out there work hand in hand to help Herpes sufferer have a healthy and happy love life.

80 to 90 percent of individuals with herpes do not even know they have it, what’s more they have no indications or they have unsuccessfully determined the symptoms of this disease. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that the number of Americans infected with herpes has augmented by 30 percent since the late 1970’s.

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What is the reason why dating with herpes is so traumatic? After being detected with herpes, individuals are concerned that they may infect their partner with this deadly virus. There is a specific type of stigma surrounding this medical concern and this is what makes it hard for those to be open concerning genital herpes. Luckily, dating with herpes is not as stressful as many people believe.

Herpes is a disease: This medical condition does not define your future, your life and who you are in general. Always remember that any types of dating related to drama, pain and heart breaks. It is not right to hold responsible your medical situation for such occurrences.

Also keep in mind that not all people dates for sex. A lot of people date simply because they like or want each other and have an emotional connection. Once this feeling is true, being detected with genital herpes does not really an issue.

You Have to Follow Precautions:  Yes, it is true that sex is important in a relationship. Once you have genital herpes and take on in sexual activities, there is a possibility that the virus may transmit. So as to avoid this from occurring, it is suggested that you utilize a condom. What is more, utilizing suppressants like acyclovir is very important.

A study has revealed that women are more susceptible to contracting genital herpes from their partners as opposed to men. What is more, give up from having sexual intercourse in case of an outburst.

Genital Herpes is Extremely Common: A lot of people fret that their friends and potential partners will judge them on knowing that they are infected. Even if some people may judge them, this is not always the issue. Twenty percent of the adults in the US have this disease and there are possibilities that the one you were dating already infected by herpes.

Ready for Rejection: those with STD’s are frequently regarded and taken for granted in the society. Thanks to Orthodox because of the chance of being rejected is lower. You will meet many people while dating who are after sex. They are the people who will certainly take you for granted on finding out herpes.

Always remember that a person who really loved you will not judge you based on you have genital herpes or not.

Don’t Hide Your Condition: when you are into dating and searching for a partner, it is essential to confess concerning herpes in the early stages of dating. It makes no sense to take the connection ahead and later telling about your medical condition.

Dating Site for Herpes

Being single and with genital herpes is definitely a very difficult thing to deal with. You need to deal with queries on whether you can rely to a new partner with your condition; you worry that they may tell everyone you know concerning your condition, or worse take you for granted in a humiliating way. Even if it is estimated that almost 1 in 5 adults have genital herpes, and estimated 80% of those individual are not aware of their status. This could make dating with herpes extremely challenging, this is even doubly so with herpes as many people see type 2 herpes as the vicious herpes.

Regardless of your age, status in life and how long you have has the virus, it is essential that you know that you’re not alone in this battle. The development of the internet has brought together people with herpes from all corners of the globe. Not just is life with genital herpes right at the tips of your fingers; however the web has also encouraged the creation of lots of herpes as well as HSV support groups.  You no longer need to experience rejection or have a fear being alone for the rest of your life.

There are lots of dating sites intended for people infected with STD’s, including website made particularly for people with herpes, HIV/AIDS and HSV. Below are just some of the popular dating sites for people with herpes.

Positive Singles

Considered one of the largest sites for people with herpes, Positive Singles has estimated members about 100, 000. There are lots of features in this online dating site compared to conventional dating platform. This online dating site isn’t just restricted to people with herpes, there are also members with HEPA B, HSV, B&C as well as AIDS. Even if herpes is not a curable illness, it’s not a potential deadly disease like HIV/AIDS. Privacy is a big concern with regards to something as sensitive as medical conditions, and Positive Singles do allow members that capability to control who can and cannot see their profile.

Meet People With Herpes: Popularly known as MPWH, Meet People with Herpes are the biggest dating site committed particularly to people with herpes. It has a community atmosphere complete with chat rooms, forums, and updated bulletin. Even if the user interface isn’t a pretty as Positive Singles, however the membership is extremely active.

There are lots of people with genital herpes who are living their lives, having successful relationships, getting married and having kids. Your herpes doesn’t mean it’s the end of your world and your dating life. As a matter of fact, it’s a way to show how courage and strong you are as a person.



Five Tips for Dating Someone with Herpes

44402014120117280936607392Dating someone with herpes is never easy. Herpes is one of the popular diseases that are sexually transmitted, affecting more and more sexually active men and women across the world. It would be a big decision for anybody to date a person who is sick with this disease. In case that you are in this kind of situation right now, please take note the following tips to keep yourself safe and to avoid any problem in the future:

Undergo the Test

Ask the person whether he or she has been examined for sexually transmitted infections like herpes and the kind of test that he or she got. And also, do not forget to get yourself tested to know if you are already infected or not. According to statistics, most people who have genital herpes do not even know that they already have the disease.

Be Supportive to Your Partner and Give Encouragement

It will never be easy for someone to accept and confess that he or she has herpes. If the person has the courage to tell you the truth, you should be willing to listen to him or her with all your heart and look into his or her eyes. Let your partner know that you care and you understand. You can even hug him or her. Allow your partner to make you understand better his or her condition and how he or she lives with that.

Do Your Research to Know more about Herpes

You have to be more familiar with herpes. There are many websites that you can visit wherein you will be learning a lot about this condition, and how to deal with it. You should expect that dating someone with herpes is the same with being someone who has cold sores. You can get the infection all of a sudden but it is something that will simply come and go.

Make a Big Decision

This time, you have to choose whether you still want to be with your partner and go on dating someone with herpes. If you are truly in love with that person, this must be easier. Look at the disease of your partner as a simple problem. Your love would be more meaningful and powerful. Your feelings will conquer everything.

Ensure that Your Partner Takes His or Her Medicines

Prior to start sleeping under one roof, and having sex with your partner, you have to ensure that he or she is taking a suppressive medicine which will help in dealing with herpes. This will be helpful a lot in reducing the chances for you to get the disease too. Using condoms will also be helpful yet this will not completely protect you from the disease. Medication will still be the best resort.

Living and dating someone with herpes can be a scary situation but if you know how to deal with it then nothing will stop you from being happy. Follow these tips and you will enjoy having a sex and love life with your partner, no matter if he or she has the disease or not.

Finding Love Online: Tips And Rules To Remember

Still looking for someone special? Just make sure to keep yourself safe. Nowadays, a lot of people searches for the right person on dating sites; there are some tips that will preserve your safety on the Internet and when you decide to meet your online match.

19072014102318495797850060Personal Information: never pass your personal information to strangers, such as the address of your home. You can have the sensation that you know the person since you have been talking for a while, but you don’t really know each other. Until you meet the person physically, exchange many messages through the dating site, which is designed to keep the contacts anonymously.

Never send money: You can think that you are helping the other, but do not send money to people you met through the site. Do not forget that your goal is to find someone who really cares about you. There are swindlers who can use dating sites to deceive people and scamming. Be wary especially if the person is from another country and after a long period of messaging start asking for money to buy a ticket to visit you.

Find the right place to meet: after having exchanged several messages with that person and if you feel the urge to meet them, look for public places such as shopping centers or places where there are a lot of people. Never meet with someone in hidden places, in your home or in the home of someone else. If you are afraid of this first contact, ask a friend to go with you. Always let some friends and relatives know where and with who you will be. Ask someone you know to call you during the meeting to see if everything is fine. This way the person you are meeting will see that you are being monitored and that there are people who care about your well-being and safety.

Trust your gut: if you find something suspicious, say you have to leave or give some excuse. Sometimes, only in personal contact, you will find the character of the person next to you, almost by instinct. Remember that simple precautions can make you feel safer.

Do not be prematurely intimate with the person you just met: kissing is a common habit and it’s seen by many as something harmless. But there’s the danger of transmission of several diseases, including sexually transmitted infections. The most common virus, that is also contagious, is herpes. This disease is caused by herpes simplex virus and can cause blisters and sores on the lips and skin around the mouth. This virus is transmitted through the contact with wounds and even with saliva, so kissing someone who has wounds is not recommended. Sometimes transmission can occur when the infected person doesn’t have symptoms, but it’s rarer.

Now imagine that your first date is awesome and you want to get to know better this person you just met or even to pursue a relationship with him/her. People who are trying to find love know already how hard it can be to start a brand new relationship, and how having a new relationship is usually associated to the feelings of uncertainty and anxiety.

For people with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), this scenario can be even worse. Nowadays you can find several dating websites dedicated specifically for people who suffer from Herpes, showing a solution for those who fear open to tell to their future partners about their condition. You have to know that herpes is a common problem. It is believed that 60% to 95% of adults in this world suffer from one of the two viruses (HSV1 and HSV2), and in some cases, these viruses have no symptoms. There are several types of herpes infections and each of this type requires a specific treatment.

In the case of herpes labialis, which is the most common form, the infection can occur even when there are no visible lesions. So if you are dating someone with herpes and if you want to stay 100 % safe, you have to follow the next advice. There are very effective medications for internal use or place that help reduce the size and duration of the lesions. If your special one didn’t have an appointment with the doctor or with a dermatologist yet, ask him to make an appointment. Talking to the doctor about this topic and take the appropriate prescription for medicines are the best ways to deal with this infection. If possible, go with him to the doctor to learn better.

A practice that has become common among patients with an STD is to seek partners on social networking sites dedicated to people with herpes. The emergence of these sites coincides with the increase of STD cases. These sites are dedicated especially to the holders of non-curable diseases such as genital herpes, HPV and HIV. However, people with curable STDs also choose to date with people who have herpes or other sexual infections.

According to the proponents of these sites, pursuing relationships in virtual environments where others share the same problems makes it easier to open. In addition, there is still much stigma around STIs, and some patients feel like they are not “attractive”, and many people, especially women, are afraid that the partners believe they had a lot of sexual partners because of this condition. In another hand, some people think that these sites can increase stigma and prejudice people who suffer from these diseases because it can induce the thought that an STD carrier can, or should relate to someone who shares the same Problem.