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Herpes – does it affect dating?

It is the case with many people that they look for a partner to date with but Herpes is holding them back. We can understand their problem and thus, are providing the information on this issue.

35222015081318251865370419For the people who don’t know, Herpes is a viral disease that is mostly transmitted through sexual interaction. You may be surprised to know that in rare cases, it can also be transmitted through oral sex.  When an individual is having genital herpes, there will be blisters on his genitals or sore around the mouth.

When we talk about dating with herpes, there are many concerns related to it. The most important of them is- in many cases, herpes don’t show any symptom. Then, how someone can get to know if he or his partner is having herpes? It has been found that more than 50% of the herpes infected people don’t know that they are having herpes. If the person, with whom you have physical relation, is having herpes then it will be transmitted to you if precaution is not taken.

But, getting physical with someone is also a main need especially for those who are used to it. Even after knowing that you have herpes, you can’t refrain from getting sexual interaction. But, it is necessary to consider that your problem should not affect the life of others. If you are having it, admit it. And let your partner know about it before getting involved into higher levels of intimacy.

Some people take Herpes very lightly as they value their relationship more than anything else. Thus, even after knowing that they are at the risk of getting herpes people decide to go for sexual interaction. It is only because of their love and craziness that they have for their partner.


Here we are mentioning some precautions that the person can take while dating with herpes. Though these are meant for preventing the transmission of herpes but still there is no guarantee.

  • Avoid the direct contact with the affected parts having an outbreak. Even if the person having herpes is experiencing itching, pain, swelling or other discomfort, then they should avoid sexual contact.
  • Using condom while having intimacy will reduce the transmission chances to greater extent.
  • If possible talk to your doctor before having physical interaction. He can prescribe you the medicine or preventive measures to avoid the transmission.

If you are fed up with the loneliness and with the embarrassment which you feel while telling your would-be physical partner about herpes, then also you have another option. Still, there is something positive for you and it is that there is no risk involved if both the partners are having herpes. Now, you will think that how to find such person? Like other dating sites which are specially developed according to the needs and age of the individuals, there are also dating sites for someone with herpes. So, it is no more difficult to find the likely people who are also going through the same condition that of you.

Get registered on any such site and find the desired partner.


Three Common Mistakes to Avoid When Looking for the Right One

47812015081318262742993340If you are a single starting the dating game or a seasoned veteran, you may wonder why you are not becoming successful in looking for the right one.  You may also be thinking why you don’t have long term relationship. Your lack of relationship may be due to some of the mistakes that you have committed in the past.  This is especially when you are looking for the right one and when you are dating with herpes. Here are the three common mistakes you need to avoid when looking for the right one:

Not Saying What You Want from the Start

You know for a fact that it is not a good idea to tell someone that you are ready for kids, marriage and many other things on your first meeting. It is also not an essential idea to leave your potential partner making a guess on what your intention is.

If you want to tell that someone that you are after finding the right one, then that would be fine. Rather than wasting your time with each other, it is always best to initiate what you’re looking for. Even if two people dating with herpes have their extraordinary connection with each other, the relationship will fail from the start if the involved parties are set up in the different perspectives and stages.

Not Letting Go of Your Past Relationship

If you are really looking for the right one, then not letting go of your past relationship even results to being single again. You will also find it difficult to look for the ideal one. Letting go of your past relationship doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to completely forget all the things between you and your past partner.

You only need to move on and look forward for a brighter day with someone whom you are dating with. Forgive and forget all the pains and hurts you have experienced in the past. And, open up your heart and mind to newer opportunities and relationships. This is especially if you knew that the one you are dating with is already the right one you are looking for.

Comparing Your Chosen Partner To Your Past Partners

Dating with herpes is a bit difficult. If you really aim to look for the right one, then you need to avoid comparing your past partner from the present one. Try to remember why your past relationship did not work. And, at the same time, do not forget the reason why you are meeting someone in the present. Looking for the right one is not as easy as what you think it may be. Part of your search will always be a comparison between your past and present.

There are three common mistakes that you need to avoid when looking for the right one. Being aware of these mistakes in advance will give you an idea on how to handle your relationship with your present partner. Avoiding these mistakes also helps in achieving a long lasting relationship!

These Tips will be Helpful when Dating Someone with Herpes

If you are dating someone and he or she has revealed that he or she has herpes, this can be a bit scary. You may wonder how you can be intimate with a person who will only be putting your health at risk. You may consider not seeing or meeting this person again. However, only because you have discovered that he or she has herpes does not mean that he or she cannot live a normal and happy life like you. You just need to be extra careful when it comes to intimacy.

47812015081318262765402340Before being intimate in dating someone with herpes, it is best to get yourself tested for all types of sexually transmitted diseases.  If you are sexually active, there is a chance for you to have STD. You may not be completely aware of it. It is best for you to have clean health updates. Also, know where you stand as sexually transmitted diseases are a serious matter to consider. This is also essential to determine some of the best precautions when dating someone with herpes.

When dating someone with herpes, most people think that condoms are the only protection they can have.  This perspective is not completely true. Condoms will just protect you from herpes if the area is covered. In most instances, herpes spreads in the genital areas that cannot be covered by condoms. This is the reason why you do not need to depend on using condoms alone.

One of the best ways to protect yourself when dating someone with herpes is to have an open communication with your chosen partner.  Some people can tell you if they have an outbreak. They are those who have the stinging sensation on their genital areas.

On that note, you need to abstain yourself from sexual intercourse. For those people with herpes, taking some prescriptions from herbal medications helps lessen the chances of having herpes outbreak and passing it on to your partner. One of the best things you can do is to reduce your stress and follow a healthy and safe lifestyle. Keeping the immune system of your body healthy also helps decrease the possibility of getting sick.

Dating someone with herpes is not as scary as what other people think it is. This is due to the fact that the dating process can be done safely. Just because some people have herpes do not mean that they do not have any chance of dating someone. There is still an opportunity to look for the right partner that he or she deserves to have. All you have to do is to be responsible and careful. Follow the precautions to prevent the spread of herpes disease. You also need to follow healthy lifestyle to make sure that you are really on the go. You can now be ready of dating someone.

Dating someone with herpes does not simply focus on the disease that the person has. It is more on the personality, the attitude and the character that they show. All these things will make you fall in love with them more!

Girls, do not open it! Leave it to your boyfriend.

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Give her a dogen roses with a creative twist.Give eleven white roses and one red rose.Attach a note that reads:”In every bunth there’s one who stands out and you are that one.”




Tips No.9
Get her a wristwatch.Inscribe it with:”I always have time for you.”



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Cook her favorite food and prepare a candlelight dinner with bottled wine at her home.Then gentiy kiss your sewwtheart on her neck whlie dancing to the soft slow music with her.


13750790_100821508167_2Tips No.7
Take her to a small island.Sit side by side on a silent beach watching sunset,and whisper near her ear the song she loves best.Lie down on the roof of your car at midnigth while camping onto wild and watch the stars.


1109909069b4415599lTips No.6
Rush back home and happily claim that you’ve got your bigggest award in your life!Show her the medal or the trophy that writes “The Lukiest Man in the World”from “Association of boyfriends”.The award words are:Congratulations!You’ve met and been loving your only sunlmate!


1113783491c0002beboTips No.5
Take her to a shabby cinema and pretend to watch a boring movie.(She must begin to feel angry, or at least dissatisfied.)But in fact you have negotiated with her cinema to play the video you have made for her. If could be the words you want to say to her, or best wishes from her friends. So, our respected artist, go be the director!


Tips No.41113783836ce8eafb2o
Mail her a book entitled your name as the author and the grateful words from you one the first page. In fact it’s a fictional story written by yourself about how you fell in love with her. Then read it to her before sleep every night.



20141225190434_tHmfB.thumb.700_0Tips No.3
Write to her a love letter or poem on one sheet of paper. Glue it to thin cradboard, cut it up into puggle-shaped pieces, and then mail all the pieces. Or, mall one puggle piece per day!



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Take a latex balloon(not inflated)and fill it with some confetti, a love note to her and a photo of yourself. Fill in with helium while the items are still in the balloon. Attach a pin and a note that says”please pop!”to the balloon string. Leave the balloon by her bedside before she wakes up in the morning.

2531170_113001926000_2Tips No.1

What’s the most romantic tip?
Perhaps, you have a better idea? Come and share with us your genius romantic idea or experience, or even experiment!

Let’s plant romance seed and harvest love together!