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Why More And More People Choose Dating Someone With Herpes On Websites?

Online dating sites are very popular nowadays. There are thousands of online dating sites on the web that cater to a vast number of individuals with varying needs or preference. They are available in different categories such as religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, profession, age, weight; you name it, and even for diseases such as online dating sites for people with herpes that are created specifically for individual infected with this sexually transmitted type of disease.

So, why more and more people are now dating people or individuals with herpes on websites?  Here are a few reasons why:

Fear of confronting the issue.

The most obvious benefit for individual with herpes who are registered member of dating sites for people with herpes is that it instantly eliminates the anxiety caused by fear of having to talk or discuss to your potential partner / partners with or without herpes about your health conditions. You assume that since you know you are on a site that caters to people with herpes, you and your potential partner can have an option not to talk more about it. Instead you and your partner online can put more attention on discussions that can actually take the relationship to the next level.

17532014100911385684342691Surprisingly though, there are still a number of individuals that are not infected with herpes who choose to register on these sites. Dating someone with herpes for them is not that threatening and being in a serious relationship; even with someone with herpes is rather more important. Articles on the web that provide tips on how to lessen the risk of being contacted with herpes, even through sexual intercourse somewhat lessens the tension and gives hope to both parties. People with and without herpes can actually have a serious and intimate relationship and can even have a successful and fulfilling one.

Here are a few precautions and tips to consider in having a safer sex life with someone with oral or genital herpes:

  • Ask your partner to be open and honest about his/her condition – This includes the discussion about the current condition or even the level of severity of the disease.
  • No sex during or before outbreaks – Study, record and make an accurate time table with your partner as to when the outbreak usually occur as the risk of being contacted is high during this time.
  • Take suppressive medication – Two of the popular and common suppressive medications are Valtrex or Acyclovir.
  • Avoid self-medication – Though there are many medications for herpes that are available Over-The-Counter (OTC), having the right assessment by an expert on the condition and behavior of the disease is very important. This allows for the most appropriate and effective medication to be prescribed to your partner from professional doctors who specializes in this type of disease.

Just follow these tips/precautions and you can still have a fulfilling sex life with someone with herpes.

Depression and Shame.

People infected with herpes usually has the feeling of being alone knowing that the possibility of being rejected by a potential partner is high when the time of opening or discussing the issue regarding having herpes is brought out. Registering and being a member of dating sites for people with herpes gives a feeling of somehow being welcomed by a community of individuals who are experiencing the same negative effect of having such a disease. Dating within the community with someone that shares the same experience with you gives a feeling of being instantly connected and understood. Dating sites for people with herpes can often help rebuild someone with herpes’ self-confidence and morale especially if the site has a special section that contains discussions that focus on the positive sides of having this health condition.

This section may have actual videos, photos or written testimonial stories from couples who actually made their relationship a success despite one or both of them having herpes. News on the latest updates and research findings in the medical field in suppressing this STD type of disease such as the most effective and proven safe medications available in the market may be included. Also, the good thing about having this section in dating sites for people with herpes is if ever researchers are able to finally discover a cure for herpes, the news can spread immediately.

Being honest with your partner.

There are many stories between a non-infected and someone with herpes that seems to be going in the right direction at the first stages of the relationship. Sexual intercourse usually is involved, until finally your partner just found out that they have herpes and it was from you. This scenario usually end up into breakups as the feeling of betrayal may be too much to handle for some people especially if level of trust they have given you is high. That is why it is always advisable for people with herpes to have the courage and be totally honest with your partner regarding on your health condition before engaging in an intimate act with your partner. So, one of the benefits of using herpes dating sites is that you do not need to worry about being rejected because of your health status.

Getting Too Comfortable 

Over time, many women get too comfortable and start to even forget that they have herpes until it is time to break things off. If the relationship goes bad, women often stick around longer than they should because of the fear of being rejected once again. Herpes dating site and community is of great value to lessen these fears.

Members on this site most likely share the same experience with you and are just simply seeking for someone who can relate, understand and even give some advice such as proper medication and diet which should be according to the type of herpes (oral or genital) and other valuable tips on how to lessen the burden of living in such condition and live a somewhat normal life.

There are many other reasons why more and more people choose dating someone with herpes on websites that are not included in this article. You can check out from other sites on the web to further broaden your knowledge on herpes as a disease. One thing is for sure, that having herpes is not the end of the line. You may be surprised to discover the secret on how and why is it possible for people on the different sides of the equation (people with and without herpes) to have a successful and happy relationship.

These websites prove that getting connected online anytime and anywhere is easy. Most gadgets like tablets and smart phones, in addition to laptops, are light and handy. They can be carried almost anywhere and individuals can access many different sites such as herpes dating website. As long as there is an internet access in your location, you can log in to your account. You do not have to bring that bulky desktop computer with you when you go somewhere like restaurants, bar, lounge, mall and other places where wireless internet is available for public use.


Dating Someone with Herpes: Information You Have to Know

A lot of people find it very daunting, embarrassing or overwhelming to tell their partners or loved ones that they have herpes. There are lots herpes dating sites out there that could be the best solution to this case. Dating someone with herpes gets rid of the demand for that particular talk. You still need to have the safe talk, but the playing field is at least equal for both of you.

72962015032315365073220917Dating could be hard enough even without this medical condition. Dating someone with herpes signifies that you will know precisely what you’re going through if you have an outbreak. Both of you need to worry about infecting each one.  For many, this thought is extremely liberating. Herpes dating sites also give lots of herpes advice and assistance about dating with herpes. A lot of people find it encouraging that they aren’t going to be down or taken for granted only because they have this condition.

A good and reliable herpes dating site deals with the subject with maximum sensitivity, so you can be certain that you will get nothing, but good information from it. Indeed, dating with herpes is a very serious matter and lots of people who are involved in such relationship are puzzled about the best thing to do about their situation. These people need guidance as well as inspiration and this is what they could get from a good and reliable herpes dating site that is sensitive to their plight.

If people with this condition can live normal lives, they can also be in a relationship. Some precautionary measures have to be done, but the point is that it is possible for individuals with herpes to have a happy sexual life.  The key to herpes dating to become successful is to be honest with each other with regard to their medical condition.

Having this kind of medical condition does not mean that you won’t be able to have a happy sexual life.  You will date again and you will get a new partner in life. Dating with herpes isn’t impossible. As a matter of fact, it is very common nowadays. Always remember that you’re not alone. Current research shows that one million people each year are diagnosed with this medical condition. Herpes dating might need a little more time as well as patience. When you do not have much time or persistence, you can try a dating site dedicated to those with herpes.

Hooray for the present day where almost everything is being measured and well thought out and if it’s not yet, it will be in a little while. You can engage yourself in a committed herpes dating website. On the other hand, you must be thoughtful and understanding and ensure that you’re in as good physical shape as you can possibly be prior to doing so. It really is not difficult at all to get your partner. Stay honest and it will all come together. You can date someone who will truly love you.