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Rules for writing your dating profile – Dating someone with herpes advice

There is no question that herpes has always had a very negative effect on society and if a person has this STD, they are seen as if they had leprosy and they are no longer allowed to have sexual relationships. There are many misconceptions about this disease and there is no doubt that millions of people suffer from it, but the effects of having this condition can be controlled with certain medications and this is the reason why it should be seen differently, but even with all the explanations and all the medications that can keep the disease under control, this can still be spread to others and that is the main cause for a lot of worry in a large number of people.

online-dating-profileThere is light at the need of the tunnel for people who suffer from this condition. Now thanks to the internet and the dating site phenomenon, there are sites that are entirely dedicated to allowing people who suffer from herpes to contact other people who also suffer from the same condition. The best thing about this is that it will not only act as a dating site, but it will also provide you with the comfort of becoming an ideal support group for you.

Make your profile stand out

Remember that if you join a site for dating someone with herpes, you will not be judged for your condition, but it would be good if you come out as someone who is not always looking for a random person to sleep with. This is not something that encourages any kind of serious and meaningful relationships and that can be extremely important to consider.

Always be honest

Bing honest about the person you are and about your beliefs is extremely important and this is going to help you find people who are like minded. Always create a very specific bio that provides people with information on the kind of things that you enjoy to do and the political and religious views that you have. You might think that this should not matter, but being in a relationship with people with different religious beliefs can often lead to conflict and this is especially true when you have children.

Use a current profile picture

If there is one thing that people do very often is post profile pics that have been take years ago. You need to be honest when you post profile pics and this is going to allow you to avoid any rejection when it comes to the way you look when you finally meet someone. Your profile pic should always show an accurate image of the way you currently look and you will know that people will like you for who you are. You should also try to avoid using photos that have heavy filtering because this makes you look a lot prettier than you really do. Your skin will often look perfect and your wrinkles will disappear and that is not who you really are and what you really look like.


You should always come up with something that allows you to be fair and to describe who you are in a way that is truly honest. This is going to be extremely useful when you decide to start dating again and meeting people who share the same way of thinking and who also same the same condition that has kept you from going out there and meeting new people.  There is no reason for you to stop living your life and now you can finally get back to dating again.

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Free vs. Paid Dating Sites for People with Herpes

FREE-VS-PAID-SITESAre you positive in herpes who wants to find someone to date with? There are many different dating sites for people with herpes that you can choose to sign up to and mingle with the members that are also positive of herpes. If you are wondering if these kinds of sites exist, yes, it definitely exists, because it does not necessarily mean that if you have herpes, your life is over. Therefore, you should get out of that cave and begin to mingle with people. You should make some new friends, which share this little virus as well. You will feel much better and perhaps you can get a lifetime partner.

However, with the existing influx of dating site for people with herpes, it can feel a bit daunting and confusing task to choose the best herpes online dating sites. When you choose a site, it is very significant that you know about the two main types of herpes online dating sites, the free and the paid ones. Thereby, you should know which site you will use if you would want to meet special people to setting up yourself with an attractive profile. Do you need to invest more in a paid herpes-dating site or in a free one?

Paid dating sites for people with herpes

You may want to consider to subscribe into the paid dating site is you want to look for a more serious and meaningful relationship. This is firstly because you are guaranteed aptly of the quality. Regardless of being expensive, a paid dating site for herpes positive has results with higher quality. The members in paid sites are more serious and you will not find scammers. It can help you in identifying the members easily through their card details, which will make it much reliable and safer.

In addition to the quality, you will also be guaranteed of much better results when you search and subscribe for people through their religion, but also through their compatibility, location, age and many more. Then again, the profiles on a dating site for people with herpes are always updated and they are quickly responding to messages.

Free herpes dating sites

If you are looking for a place, as you want to meet special people with herpes without a need to cost you dollars, you may not need to look further because there are free online dating sites. They can be the best place to begin your search of your partner. You can enjoy your time looking all you want on the profiles that interests you. In free online herpes dating sites, you will be able to choose from so many people with the same interest because there are much more members as compared to the paid one.

The bottom line is regardless of what type of dating site for people with herpes that you want to choose; the most important is you can find friends with the same condition and so you can find the lifetime that you are longing to find. It will be a lot better than hiding yourself in your cave. You need to come out and find happiness; you have all the chance with dating sites for herpes positive.

Dating with herpes? You need to find a website which most suitable for you

There is no question that one of the biggest problems for people who suffer from any kind of STD’s is probably the discrimination that can be attached to most of those conditions. Some STD’s are more common than others, but when it comes to herpes, there is a very particular fear of getting this disease due to how easily it can be spread to others. This fear and rejection towards people with herpes is only amplified by the fact that those who have herpes will probably have it for the rest of their lives.

33972014120117303833472538This is something that has made life a living hell to a lot of people who suffer from this condition. In many cases they feel like their love life is over and they will never be able to date anyone again. Many people who suffer from this condition have decided that they won’t even attempt to date anyone again and this is a very unfair situation. Fortunately there is a light at the end of the tunnel now and there are dating websites that are dedicated to providing the perfect network for dating to people who suffer from incurable STD’s and want to be able to find someone who also suffer from this problem.

Dating with herpes is no longer impossible for most people who have been suffering from this condition. All they have to do now is sign up to a sating site for people with herpes and they will be able to chat with other members who have also been dealing with this condition for a very long time. This is going to allow them to meet other who will not judge them for their condition and this could lead to the beginning of a relationship between two people who have to deal with the exact same problem.

There are many people who have been able to find love and long lasting relationships thanks to the use of dating sites. Now that there are so many specialized dating sites with specific membership requirements, there is no longer any need for people who suffer from ay condition, to have to hide and never experience a meaningful romantic relationship again. Now those who want to be able to be dating with herpes will have the chance to do it.

If you know exactly where to look, you will a good dating site that will allow you to have the proper kind of confidentiality that will keep your information safe and will allow you to contact others who have the same problem. This is not only useful for dating because you could also end up meeting new friends that will know exactly what you have been experiencing and will be of great emotional support to you just like you will be to them.

If you want the ideal dating site for people with herpes, always keep in mind that there are many sites out there, but only a few of them have a large enough database of real members. So your research well and learn as much as you can about them. You will be able to join with peace of mind once you find out what kind of feedback they have been receiving from other sources.

There is no reason for your love life to be over forever. You have the right to be happy again and you should not be punished for having this common and often misunderstood STD. You can actually live a very normal life without any herpes outbreaks as long as you take proper medication for it, but the most important thing is that you can actually have a great relationship with someone else if you happen to have this condition.

Some Tips for Dating Someone with Herpes

Have you ever imagined yourself dating someone with herpes? If you do not know, Herpes is a virus that is usually transmitted through sexual activity.  Though having this may sound really undesirable and can make you turn off when your date have this kind of condition, there is nothing to worry about it because this is also treatable. This is the reason why you don’t have to be frustrated about dating that someone or dating a man with herpes.

The idea of dating someone with herpes could really 84892015012114321598807594be a big decision that you should always consider. This is something that you should be prepared with and you must accept the fact that your date has this kind of condition before going dating. So here are ways on how you are going to date some with herpes.

Be Knowledgeable about Herpes 

It doesn’t really matter if your date has herpes however, you still have to be careful with your actions and words when you are dating someone with herpes. Make yourself knowledgeable enough through searching for complete information about herpes. His or her skin condition is not a hindrance when you really feel something special to him or her so instead of avoiding them, try to help them.

Give Advice to your Date to Go Under Medication

Guiding your date with herpes through giving him or her an advice to go under medication can be a way of showing that you care for him or her. In this way, you will be able to get assure that your date will be able to recover from suffering the emotional and physical effects of herpes to him or her. Medication is the most possible solution for your date to remove any signs that herpes exists to his or her body.  You and your date will be the one to get the advantage of this giving medication as an advices to your date.

Give Moral Support 

Moral support can be very valuable during the time that you are dating someone with herpes. You can give so much encouragement and oral support to your date so that he or she will be able to pursue his or medications and treat herpes. It doesn’t have the same value with the money to spend for the medication however, this could be more valuable to your date as he or she will gain more strength and motivation in increasing their chance to treat their herpes.

Dating someone with herpes is a big decision that you must be able to think well before you go with the flow. Either you have an idea of dating a man with herpes or a woman with such condition is just the same. Before you enter with such idea, be knowledgeable enough and don’t let yourself to be transmitted with the same virus. You can be a good date while guiding your date to treat and recover from his or her suffering brought by herpes. Consider the given tips above if you want to date a person with herpes.